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Let me introduce myself

I was born in 1985 in Pietrasanta, Italy, where I then spent my childhood and received most of my education.
At high school, even though it was obvious that my greatest strength lay in drawing, I ended up specialising in foreign languages and literature. This choice, together with the experience of extensive travel abroad, has meant that I am fluent in German, Spanish and English. During my final year at high school the first book that I illustrated was published. It was written by Hajo Risto and entitled La Doppia Lumaca ('The Double Snail').

After high school I enrolled at the Accademia di Brera in Milan on the Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.
I focused predominantly on life drawing, anatomical drawing and clay sculpture. Using the latter I made fantasy figures and caricatures. During this period, I published work in a variety of publications, including various drawings and cartoons for the magazine Delatre published by the Piccolo Teatro della Versilia, and some illustrations for a selection of Japanese tales for the magazine Aikido per Ragazzi. In addition I designed the official commemorative stamp for the Italian Post Office to celebrate the life and work of the sculptor and historian Vincenzo Santini.

After graduating from the Accademia di Brera my next step was to embark on a 3- year Erasmus scholarship at the Akademie der bildenden Künste in Munich, Germany. Initially, I dedicated myself exclusively to studying printing and engraving techniques and produced a series of illustrations entitled La seduzione di Lucifero: Storia di un fiammerifero ('The Seduction of Lucifer: The Story of a Match'). Subsequently I took up anatomical drawing again and portraiture. As regards the latter, I based my sketches not only on the models provided by the Akademie, but looked beyond, to the world outside, sketching people in the streets of Munich and endeavouring to capture their expressions and posture. Also during this period I experimented with digital animation techniques and this culminated in a short film entitled Una storia di petto ('A Story of Breast') where I used techniques of lithography and collage. In fact I have used collage extensively when illustrating short stories and novels and these include The Portrait of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, a series representing the people of Munich entitled Monacensi and another celebrating the centenary anniversary of the Schwabing Hospital, Munich.

My interest in caricature led me to the creation of a “libro d'artista” entitled Caricature scomponibili ('Interchangeable Characters') which was selected as an item for sale at the Akademie's auction in 2008. Since the period at the Akademie I have illustrated the tale C'era una svolta ('Once upon a Sometime') by Francesco Stefanetti and more recently still I designed the stage scenery for Gennant Gospodin, a play by Philipp Loehle that was directed by Susanne Brandl at the Studiobühne, a theatre in Munich. The work involved making stylised drawings and video which were projected into the theatrical space.
I live and work in Munich. Currently most of my work is illustrating children's books. I regularly take part in educational seminars and projects designed to further the education of young children through art.

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